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Dear colleagues,

INSEP is pleased to welcome you to the 6th ECOSEP Congress.

More than 30 sessions and about a hundred speakers from all over the world are scheduled, in order to meet and exchange ideas on essential and innovative themes in sports medicine.

  1. X. Valle, a sports medicine specialist at FC Barcelona, will talk about “How we try to protect players ?“.
  2. S. Leclerc from the National Sport Institute of Quebec will cover the “Concussion” topic alongside P. Le Van, Medical Director of the French National Olympic Committee, who will explain how he has been managing “Emergencies during the Olympic Games" for over 15 years.M. Ghrairi, Chief Medical Officer from the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Dubai, alongside E. Orhant, Medical Director of the French Football Federation, will share their experience during the session on the “Team physician challenge“ with a presentation on “What sport team doctor does not learn at the medical school? ».

On Saturday, November 30, N. Malliaropoulos, JL. Croisier and P. Edouard will discuss muscle injuries, from classification to isokinetic testing, RTP and prevention.

With its new association with EA4SD, the ECOSEP congress will have the opportunity to count among its speakers sports dentistry experts such as S. Cantamessa and JL. Dartevelle who will develop the latest evidence about sports dentistry innovations, the interaction between the stomatognathic system and the body, injuries and prevention.

In order to share a moment of conviviality together and enjoy the wonders of Paris, a gala dinner on the Bateaux Parisiens awaits you!

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